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Exam Information

There will be an exam on December 15 in INM-202 between 8:15-10:00 (same time and location as regular lectures). It counts toward 40% of the course grade and will draw upon all the material covered in the assigned readings, lecture, and project. Here are a few sample exam questions.

The exam will be structured as two halves, with a 15-minute break in between. The first half will have to be turned in prior to going on the break, and the second half turned in prior to leaving the exam. Unfortunately, if you exit the room during the exam, you can only return after the in-progress half of the exam is over. Please plan your bathroom breaks accordingly.

Seating will be assigned by the course staff. The seating chart will be displayed in INM-202 prior to the exam, so please arrive 10 minutes early, in order to ensure you find your seat before the exam starts.

You will need to return the HTC Hero phones used for the project (including the accessories and the box) just before the exam. 

No books, notes, papers, laptops, cellphones, etc. will be permitted during the exam.

As per EPFL regulations, we will ask you to leave your jackets and backpacks at the entrance of the room. You can only take writing utensils to your desk. Please be prepare to present your CAMIPRO card to the staff when entering the class both at the beginning and after the break.