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The SwEng project will consist of building a program that will run on the Android OS.

The program that will be developed has three main parts:

  • GPSFriendFinder - a GPS and Google Maps based application that tracks the positions of the user and the user's friends.
    • Represents people that are displayed on the map. The current user has a single friend who's logged-in: Silviu
    • GPSFriendFinder represents the entry point into the catalog of features that enable users to
      • Features that are running are represented in the bottom part of the screen, called "feature manager"
      • When just started only the GPSFriendFinder is running and it's logo is displayed.
  • When the user clicks on a friend, Silviu in this case, the program will show the list of features that enables him/her to interact with Silviu.
  • If the feature is selected, an icon depicting the feature appears in the bottom part.
  • SmartChat - a feature that allows two users to interact. 
    • The "Smart" tag comes from the fact that conversations are translated from the sender's language to the receiver's language. For example, if Jean-Luc chats with Jack, what Jack writes will be translated into French, and what Jaen-Luc sends will appear to Jack in English. 
    • Switched to SmartChat
    • Writing a message
    • Message sent
    • Receiving a message. The messages are in English.
    • This is what Silviu sees now. Note that is is in French
    • SmartChat also allows you to play games with your friends. To start a game, click on the "Select a game to play" drop-down list.
    • There is a single gamthe e, Chess. 
    • Pressing the "Stop Playing * with Silviu" will close

  • Chess - a game of chess between two people.
    • After the game is started, the users are notified which piece colour the are assigned.
    • The Chess UI looks like the following:
    • The selected piece is highlighted in blue. The end positions of the possible moves from the current position are highlighted in green.
    • A move is performed by clicking on one of the green highlighted positions.
    • A player can change his/her mind. If (s)he wants to move another piece, the new piece is selected and the current move is undone.
    • Finally, the a move is commited by pressing the "Submit Move" button.
  • An interesting fact about the application is that it now knows two users can play chess together. Hence, it will provide a shortcut in the GPSFriendFinder.
    • If chess is selected, a chess game is created (provided there is no other chess game between the same two people).
    • Note that the chess game's icon (the king of black) is displayed in the "feature manager"