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Course Project

In the class project, you will build a suite of integrated applications for mobile devices running Android: Chess, Chat and a GPS-based buddy-finder application. Here is an overview of the project.


You will work in teams of two. Please select a teammate as soon as possible.

Once you decide on the team, please email the names of the members to and include the SVN account information.

Here are the steps to create the SVN account:

Step 1:

  • Each team should go to and create a new group.
  • The name should be epfl.sweng09.groupname
  • Set Accès to Restreint
  • Set Enregistrement to Ferme
  • Disable Visibilite
  • Enable LDAP

Step 2

  • Go to Modifier la liste des membres and add all the TAs to the group.
    • The TAs and their SCIPER numbers are:
      • Silviu Andrica - SCIPER 184038
      • Laurent Bindschaedler - SCIPER 170654
      • Vitaly Chipounov - SCIPER  160391
      • Horatiu Jula - SCIPER 177143
      • Etienne Kneuss - SCIPER 175713
      • Cristian Zamfir - SCIPER 183199
    • You can search by name instead of adding the SCIPER number. Some TAs have multiple SCIPER numbers. In this case, just add the number next to each TA (see the list above). 
  • You should now wait some time before going to step 3.
  • It typically takes some time for the group information to be propagated to the EPFL server that takes care of the registration for the SVN account.

Step 3

  • Go to:
  • Here you should see at "Group having access to the repository" the group you just created.
  • Put your team name as repository name, select the group, add a description, and you are done.
  • Now you have an SVN account to use for your team, and the TAs can also check out your code.


To help you get started on the project and Android, we are offering the following set of tutorials:

  • Tutorial 1 - Installing and configuring the Eclipse IDE and the Android SDK - September 15
  • Tutorial 2 - Unit testing and debugging - September 22
  • Tutorial 3 - Android UI - September 29
  • Tutorial 4 - Efficient mobile phone software development - October 6

Assignment Structure

During the semester you will build each of the main components of the Buddy Suite.

You will form initially teams of two, and each member of the team will have to participate in the development of the code.

The milestone schedule is as follows:

Due Date Homework
October 12
Friend Finder
November 2 Chess Game UI
November 24
Chess Game Logic
December 8
December 8
Optional: Smart Chat