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Buddy Suite

In this course we will build a suite of applications for mobile phones called Buddy Suite.

Buddy Suite allows you to interact with your friends.

Buddy Suite will have three main components:

  • FriendFinder - see where your friends are.
  • SmartChat - chat with your friends. Even if you don't speak the same language.
  • Chess - challenge your friends in a game of chess.

Not enough? Buddy Suite can be customized to suite your interaction needs.


FriendFinder is the entry point in the Buddy Suite application.

Track your friends.

FriendFinder tracks your position and your friends' positions and displays them on a map. Even if they're on the move.

Your friends are automatically retrieved from your Contacts list.

If they are on-line, they will be displayed on the map.

Interact with your friends.

Tapping on a friend brings up a list of ways you can interact with a friend.

The first interaction feature will we develop is a chat.

Tap chat to start talking to your friend.

The feature manager

FriendFinder manages your friends interactions.

You can easily browse through your opened interaction features.

Just click on one of the icons.

For every friend you are chatting with, FriendFinder will display this icon.
This is the FriendFinder itself.
For each chess game you're enjoying.

Smart Chat

Chat with your friends.

Even if you don't speak the same language.

The Smart in SmartChat stands for automated language translation.

Silviu only speaks French, but SwEng doesn't. SwEng only speaks English.

SmartChat translates what Silviu writes to SwEng from French to English.

Et vice-versa.

Play a game. While chatting.

SmartChat comes with Chess to allow you to challenge your friends in a game of chess.

Press "Select a game to play" and choose Chess. Done! You're now on the way to win.

SmartChat can be customized by adding further games.


Buddy Suite will have a game of Chess as an interaction feature.

Chess is very easy to use.

Tap on a piece to see where you can move it. Possible positions are highlighted in green. Tapped piece is highlighted in blue.

Tap on green to make the move.

Changed your mind? Tap on another piece. Select the new move.

Finally decided? Press Submit Move to commit your move and wait for the counter-move

Buddy Suite is smart.

If you can play chess while you chat with your friends, you can play chess also when you are not chatting with your friends.

Buddy Suite will provide a shortcut to chess, after noting this situation.

Tap on a friend and select chess.

You just started playing chess.

Good luck!

Buddy Suite will add a shortcut for every one of your games.