Finding and Fixing Bugs

What is a bug?

A bug is an error in the source code of a program that makes the program not respect its requirements.  The bug must be located in a Java source file.  A program does not respect its requirements if it either:

  • its implementation of a required feature is incorrect, e.g., the program does not display friends that are within 50 m of the user's position, or
  • its implementation causes the program to crash, or
  • its implementation makes the program hang.
For this Milestone, a bug does not refer to a situation in which the program does not compile or compiles but fails to start up.

Which project should you look at for a bug?

Each one of you is assigned a project which (s)he will look at.

The assignments of people to projects to look at is as follows:

Student Project
Barroco Michael Pouwet
Calvert Thomas hitmen
Haefliger Roger GreenTeam
Scheiben Pascal Michelle
Frei Raphael Michelle
Hayoz Thierry augchri
Rensch Thomas group01
Richter Arnaud augchri
Buchschacher Nicolas hitmen
Uberti Quentin GreenTeam
Monnier Alex Pouwet
Schmid Jonas augchri
Cino Emanuel roeschti
Martins Acacio renschrichter
Bindschaedler Vincent renschrichter
Curreli Alexandre group01
Gaba Foli Kodjo qwertz
Sae-Tang Abson group01
Arevalo Christian qwertz
Manixab Phonepheth Billy wysiwyg
Dettwiler Fabrice augchri
Hanser Valerian wysiwyg
Gruner Samuel roeschti
Margot Alexandre qwertz
Bloch Marc-Olivier group01
Bloch Remi hitmen
Houdemer Charles-Henry wysiwyg
Tabin Cedric renschrichter
Bricola Jean-Charles roeschti
Coppey Thierry group01
Frund Loic GreenTeam
Schwery Thomas Michelle
Ecuyer Adrien qwertz
Verneau Loan roeschti
Caloz Daniel Pouwet
Coiro Andrea Michelle
Franco De Carvalho Pedro qwertz
Helfer Etienne hitmen
Lunang Pomkam Auguste Carmen Michelle
Mirza Elias renschrichter
Mortada Hamid augchri
Pache Christophe GreenTeam
Schadeli Andreas group01