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SVN set up

To create an SVN account, follow these steps:
  1. Go to:
  2. Fill in the repository name and the descriptions fields, and click Submit
    • The repository name must have the form sweng2010-GASPAR_userid, where GASPAR_userid is your EPFL GASPAR account name; for example, a correct repository name would be sweng2010-candea
    • It is crucial you follow this naming convention, or otherwise we will not be able to grade your homeworks; we will use the list of registered students to identify the SVN repositories
  3. Click on Manage permissions (users and groups). You should be able to see that you are an Administrator
  4. Click on Add a group and then click on sweng2010-TAs
    • You will have to search for the group, since it does not appear in your default list
  5. Set the role for sweng2010-TAs to Contributor and then click Submit
  6. You should see "Confirmation : The group has been added successfully." and see sweng2010-TAs below your name
  7. Send an email to the course staff if you have any problems