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Pocket Campus


An Android application targeted at the members of the EPFL campus, primarily students, as well as campus visitors, EPFL alumni, etc. The key goal is for this application to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for, be kept updated on things, keep in touch, better interact with each other and with the EPFL infrastructure, etc.

Results of Market Study

Following a market study of the EPFL campus, comprising more than 150 people, we have the following features as clear winners:
  • WiFi VoIP app: alow EPFL people to talk to each other using on-campus WiFi instead of paying the mobile phone operator
  • When will the next metro depart, can I make it on time? (given how fast I usually walk), which metro will get me to class on time, given my location
  • Generate course calendar/schedule automatically based on subscribed courses on IS Academia
  • Easy access to on-campus restaurant menus including roulottes (depending on current time, automatically bring up lunch, dinner, etc.)
There are some other popular features, but with mixed results:
  • Real-time ratings: students eating menu #1 at restaurant X can rate it, so others know whether to get it or not
  • Given my current location, show me on a map the nearest toilet, payphone, information center, parking lot, etc.
There are also some controversial entries:
  • See if any of my Facebook friends are nearby, so we can grab a coffee/lunch/etc.
  • Anti-social network: configure people you want to avoid, e.g., if X is logged in and I want to avoid meeting X, the phone can warn me when it looks like our paths are about to cross on campus

Product backlog

You can find the product backlog here.

Useful Information

Demo videos

Click here to see the videos.

Official release

Click here to see the video from Monday, December 20, 2010.
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