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SDP Assignment #1

The assignment for this week consists of the following requirements:

  • Commit the code you wrote today during the lab session. It's not important how similar it is to other people's code.
  • Implement GASPAR authentication. You will have to ask users for their GASPAR account and their passwords. Then you'll have to use as the authenticating LDAP server. You can take a look at a Java library for LDAP functionality here. It also works for Android. The library comes with an example, AuthRate that tests how fast LDAP authentication works. You have to adapt this example so that it work on Android phones and performs a single authentication. (50 points)
  • Find a bug in another team's code and create a Redmine issue for it. There should not be two bugs that refer to the same source code line(s). If the affected source code line is part of multiple projects, only one bug can be filled against it. Bugs can relate to a possible misuse of an application's component, e.g., passing in wrong arguments causes that component to fail, although that component is invoked with correct parameters in the current code. You have to specify whose project contains the bug. For a Redmine tutorial, visit this page. (15 points)
  • Fix a bug (each team member) filed against your project and close the corresponding issue. (20 points)
  • Write a test case showing that you fixed the bug. (15 points).

    You have to commit your team's code in$team-name$, where team-name contains that team's members' names.

    This assignment is due on October 11th, 11:59 pm.