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SDP Assignment #3

This week you will work in the same team setup as you were during the SDP session on Monday. Please find, at the end of the page, the team membership information, together with the features each team was assigned on. The list includes the people who could not attend the session, for which we assigned a new feature, similar to the Metro one -- find the next buses that stop close to EPFL. 

As a team, you will have to do the following items for your feature:
  • Document your preliminary findings on how to implement that feature on the Campus Buddy Wiki on Redmine. The document does not have a fixed structure, but you should make sure you give as much information as required for somebody to properly design and implement the feature. In particular, you should mention the technologies and libraries that need to be used, how to access and how to display the data, etc. (40 points)
  • Write a simple Android prototype application, that would showcase some basic functionality and show that your solution is feasible. You don't need to design any special UI - printing something in a big text box on the screen, or at the standard output would be enough. Your prototype should run in the Android emulator, and you should commit your code in the Campus Buddy SVN repository, under /trunk/misc/preliminary-proto/<your feature>/ (60 points)
  • Do a demo of your feature in front of the other students, the next Monday, during the SDP session. The grade for the prototype will be decided by the votes of your peers.
The deadline for this assignment is October 18th, 15:00 (just before the SDP session, when you will demo your work). 

Team Information

Metro Team
  • Oriane Rodriguez
  • Loïc Gardiol
  • Nicolas Tran
  • Nicolas Sanglard
  • Yannick Tapparel
Restaurants Team
  • Jonathan Baeriswyl
  • Andreas Kichner
  • Florian Laurent
  • Christopher Zurn
  • Elodie Nilane Triponez
EPFL Map Team
  • Thomas Droxler
  • Celine Heldner
  • Alexandre Sarfati
  • Romain Poiffaut
  • Romain Testuz
  • Jeremiah Menétrey
Facebook Team
  • Claude Bossy
  • Benyounes Moumni
  • Guillaume Ulrich
Bus Team
  • Gianluca Dal Mas
  • Mohamed Tarek Benoudina
  • Yunpeng Zhou