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DescriptionFeatureStatusImportance (lower is more important)
DescriptionFeatureStatusImportance (lower is more important)
C13. What's for lunch / dinner today at a particular restaurant or roulotte ? Cafeterias Unassigned 01 
C11. Rank / vote for a particular dish at a particular restaurant/roulotte Cafeterias Unassigned 02 
C9. See rankings of a particular dish at a particular restaurant/roulotte Cafeterias Unassigned 03 
C7. I don't like fish/pork/beef, where can I go have lunch/dinner today and find appropriate food? Cafeterias Unassigned 04 
C1. Publish pictures of a cafeteria's or roulotte's queue Cafeterias Unassigned 05 
C6. Post pictures of a dish from a particular restaurant/roulotte Cafeterias Unassigned 06 
C4. See pictures of a dish from a particular restaurant/roulotte Cafeterias Unassigned 07 
R2. Show on a campus map where the user is currently located Campus Routing Complete 08 
R8. Where is the nearest toilet (given my present location) ? Campus Routing In Progress 09 
C10. How long is the queue of people waiting at a particular restaurant/roulotte Cafeterias Unassigned 10 
R9. Show walking / biking route between two points on the EPFL campus Campus Routing Unassigned 11 
T14. Get metro schedule Public Transport In Progress 12 
T10. When is the next metro ? Public Transport In Progress 13 
T12. When is the next metro I can catch, given my current position ? Public Transport Unassigned 14 
T3. Get buses schedule Public Transport In Progress 15 
T2. When is the next bus I can catch at a particular stop, given my current position Public Transport Unassigned 16 
T8. When is the next bus from a particular stop Public Transport In Progress 17 
T1. When's the first metro after a particular hour Public Transport Unassigned 18 
T7. When's the last metro I can take that will get me to a particular station by a particular time? Public Transport Unassigned 19 
S13. Rating of courses, instructors, staff members, etc. Course Schedule Unassigned 20 
R10. How do I get from course A to course B? Campus Routing In Progress 21 
R4. When's the latest I can go to lunch and still make it to my next meeting? Campus Routing Unassigned 22 
S8. Estimate how long an assignment for a course will take and tell me until when I can delay it Course Schedule Unassigned 23 
S9. Suggest good schedules for next semester, subject to various constraints (e.g., I want Mondays off) Course Schedule Unassigned 24 
S7. Given the courses I have already taken and the courses I must take, suggest some good schedules for next semester Course Schedule Unassigned 25 
T5. What's the last metro/bus I can take that will get me in class, by the time that class starts? Public Transport Unassigned 26 
S4. When's the next assignment due for a particular course Course Schedule Unassigned 27 
S2. What courses can I pick, given my time constraints? Course Schedule Unassigned 28 
S14. What topics am I not learning about (given my course schedule)? E.g., "You are not taking any concurrency classes." Course Schedule Unassigned 29 
S16. When's the next exam? Course Schedule Unassigned 30 
T11. When is the earliest metro/bus, after hour X? Public Transport In Progress 31 
S1. I don't like courses X, Y, Z; suggest a valid EPFL schedule that does not include them Course Schedule Unassigned 32 
C12. What will the expected queue be by the time I get to restaurant/roulotte X (given my current location) ? Cafeterias Unassigned 33 
S12. I want to take course X next year; suggest a schedule between now and then that will enable me to do that Course Schedule Unassigned 34 
T15. When is the last bus I can take, from a particular stop, that will get me at a particular station by a particular time? Public Transport Unassigned 35 
R12. If I go to lunch now, will I be able to make it to my next meeting? Campus Routing Unassigned 36 
S15. What is the course that covers topic X? Course Schedule Unassigned 37 
T6. Publish the time I intend to go home so I can meet with friends Public Transport Unassigned 38 
T9. Is X going home around the same time I do? Public Transport Unassigned 39 
R14. Show practical route between two points on the EPFL campus taking into account what doors I can open Campus Routing Unassigned 40 
C3. Publish which cafeteria/roulotte I plan on going to Cafeterias Unassigned 41 
R7. Where are my friends? Campus Routing In Progress 42 
S10. Which of my friends are also taking course X? Course Schedule Unassigned 43 
R11. Where's the nearest cafeteria my friends and I can meet, given our respective locations? Campus Routing Unassigned 44 
T13. How much time can I spend at station X if I want to be back in a given office / classroom at hour Y? Public Transport Unassigned 45 
R13. Show (on a map) various points of interest that are nearby Campus Routing In Progress 46 
S11. What's the schedule that requires me to stay the least amount of time at EPFL? Course Schedule Unassigned 47 
C8. Are there any tuna sandwiches left? Cafeterias Unassigned 48 
R6. Where are people I don't like? Campus Routing Unassigned 49 
T4. Tell me if the metro is going to be late Public Transport Unassigned 50 
C5. I don't like X; where can I eat and not meet X? Cafeterias Unassigned 51 
S5. What courses does X take? Course Schedule Unassigned 52 
S6. Schedule a meting with friends Course Schedule Unassigned 53 
R5. Where is the nearest empty room (given my present location) ? Campus Routing Unassigned 54 
R1. Define/describe a place on campus and share it with my friend(s), e.g., a place to meet Campus Routing Unassigned 55 
S3. When can I go to the gym, given my schedule? Course Schedule Unassigned 56 
C2. Who else likes the same food as I do? Cafeterias Unassigned 57 
R3. Where is the nearest PC / printer ? Campus Routing Unassigned 58 
Showing 58 items