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October 22, 2010

  • Publicly announce each sub-team's scrum master for sprint #1
  • Publicly announce the company's webmaster
  • Each sub-team:
    • Present the sub-team product backlog and sprint backlog
    • Explain the rationale for why you chose each story on the sprint backlog
    • Present an overview of the interfaces to your respective components
    • Explain how these interfaces will allow the stories from your sprint backlog to be realized
To prepare for this meeting:
  • Decide on your scrum master and update your sub-team's wiki [click for map team, server team, schedule team, GUI team].
  • Select from the global product backlog all stories relevant to your components, and copy them into your product backlog, keeping the feature IDs [click for map team, server team, schedule team, GUI team]. Many stories will end up on multiple product backlogs.
  • From your newly created product backlog, drag to the sprint backlog (on the left) the stories you'll get done in sprint #1.
  • Write up a first version of the interfaces on the architecture wiki page; this will be used for the presentation on Friday.
Normally there is only one product backlog and one sprint backlog, so we had to work around that model a little bit in order to make redmine work well for multiple sub-teams; this is why we created sub-projects, each one with its own product backlog.